European Retail Day

The European Retail Day is a joint initiative of ERRT, EuroCommerce, EuroCoop and Independent Retail Europe, to discuss the major transformations, challenges and opportunities affecting the retail sector in Europe and the vital role of innovation for the retail industry. On 30 November 2017, high-level policymakers, industry leaders and prominent experts will gather in Brussels to explore how the European retail sector - both food and non-food - can respond to market, policy and technological shifts with innovative ideas, projects and solutions to ensure the future success of the sector.

The conference will discuss key issues for the European retail sector, and in particular:

  • Challenges, opportunities, trends and transformations in the European retail sector.​
  • How policymakers and the business community can work together on innovative solutions to ensure growth and competitiveness of both the food and non-food retail sectors in Europe.
  • The economic potential of retail in Europe, the role of policy in ensuring the strenght of the single market and a conducive innovation-intensive business environment, taxation regimes and the impact of the Internet.
  • The importance of a supply chain consumers can trust, in light of issues such as traceability, security and cyberthreats, as well as new consumer behaviours.
  • How the retail sector can enable innovation and react to new trends, in order to maintain a positive relationship with customers.

Sustainable retail and the circular economy, and how the sector is innovating to achieve its sustainability goals while maintaining its competitiveness.

The event website can be found here, if you want to take a look at the complete programme or if you want to register.