Reducing administrative complexity for Europe’s largest retailers will further strengthen the European Single market, but the European Services e-card is only a small step.

The European Commission’s proposal for a regulation introducing a European services e-card and related administrative facilities is a timely initiative to reduce growing administrative complexity for service providers in Europe. Legislative proposals that make it easier to do business within the European Single Market can only strengthen the greatest asset Europe has.

However, as Europe’s largest retailers, ERRT members wish to stress that this proposal remains voluntary, it could prove useful for particular sectors but not all and thus represents a small step to reducing administrative burdens. Policymakers must ensure that the introduction of the card can really provide added value for service providers who operate cross-border, such as ERRT members, by saving time and costs through greater simplicity.

ERRT members employ a large percentage of young people, often providing them with their first employment opportunity. The proposed e-services card should work to foster more opportunities for younger people in Europe, facilitate the movement of workers and counter youth unemployment. However, the card should not duplicate the efficacy of other initiatives such as the European Professional Card introduced by Directive 2013/55/EU.


Proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council introducing a European services e-card and related administrative facilities

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