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Retail Forum for Sustainability 2018 - 26 June 2018

News - 27 Jun 2018

Our 2018 Retail Forum for Sustainability event: “Plastics at a tipping point – what’s the role for retailers”, took place on Tuesday 26th June at the

ERRT and PwC hold joint lunch event in the EU Parliament addressing the effects of digitalisation on jobs

News - 12 Apr 2018

Innovation and free markets at the heart of retail

Press Release - 30 Nov 2017

Digital technology is sparking a major transformation in retail. Embracing and driving innovation offers a major challenge and a key opportunity for retailers. The four major European retail associ...

New survey shows Europe’s large retailers face increasing trade barriers and discrimination in the single market

Press Release - 20 Sep 2017

The Centre for European Policy has now published the results of an independent EU-wide survey, commissioned by European Retail Round Table member METRO AG, entitled Download

European Retail Day

News - 20 Jul 2017

The European Retail Day is a joint initiative of ERRT, EuroCommerce, EuroCoop and Independent Retail Europe, to discuss the major transformations, challenges and opportunities affecting the retail ...

How to make the Circular Economy happen – Retailers’ approach

Press Release - 31 May 2017

As part of the Circular Economy measures planned for this year, the European Commission is currently drafting an EU Plastics Strategy. With the use of plastics in the EU growing steadily, less than...

Opinion of the Court of Justice of the EU gives greater legal certainty and clarity to Europe’s largest retailers

Press Release - 19 May 2017

The European Retail Round Table appreciates the recent recognition, via an opinion of the Court of Justice of the EU, that retail should be considered to be a service under Article 4(1) of the Serv...

Supply Chain Initiative Annual Event: "Progress and Next Steps"

News - 25 Jan 2017


The 2017 SCI Annual Event of the Supply Chain Initiative took place ...

Digitalisation and the Future of Retail

Press Release - 15 Nov 2016

Europe’s largest retailers call for more digitally skilled workers and less supply restrictions

The digital transformation of the retail sector empowers consumers. Speaking at the European...

New E-commerce-focused package must not lose sight of the link between off- and online

Press Release - 25 May 2016

ERRT appreciates the EU Commission’s new “e-commerce package” as a further attempt to achieving a true European Single Market. European businesses and consumers should indeed, be able to sell...

Timber Retail Coalition welcomes EU Commission’s assessment of the EU Timber Regulation but stresses that more is required to ensure its objectives are achieved

Press Release - 14 Mar 2016

The Timber Retail Coalition strongly recommends that the EU Commission ensures uniform enforcement of the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) across all Member States to avoid market distortions and establ...

Circular economy: European retailers lead the way

Press Release - 03 Dec 2015

The new Retailers’ Environmental Action Programme (REAP) mandate, confirming retailers' commitment to meet their environmental responsibilities, was launched in Brussels on 3rd December 2015.


ERRT welcomes EU Commission’s plans to create a Digital Single Market

Press Release - 06 May 2015

ERRT welcomes the EU Commission’s commitment to respond to the growing digitalisation of the global economy by adopting today a set of targeted actions outlined in a Digital Single Market Str...

ECJ judgment on MasterCard: a great victory for Europe’s consumers and retailers

Press Release - 11 Sep 2014

The European Court of Justice has today upheld the Commission’s 2007 decision on MasterCard’s multilateral interchange fees, wholly rejecting the card scheme’s appeal. Following this ruling, ...

We need urgent action on card fees, say Europe’s payment users

Press Release - 04 Jul 2014

The European Payment Users Alliance represents businesses and consumers across Europe. We havea simple message for Europe’s politicians: we need the interchange fee regulation as a matter of urge...

Retail is diverse, job-rich, innovative, and increasingly digital

Press Release - 23 Apr 2014

Oxford study highlights the sector’s critical importance for the European economy

A report by the Oxford Saïd Business School shows the magnitude of the retail sector, it...

Europe’s Payment Users Call for a Fair, Competitive and Transparent Payment System

Press Release - 19 Nov 2013

The European Payment Users Alliance is a group of European payment users who have come together to call for more transparency and competition in the payments market. We welcome the package of propo...

European retailers lead the way towards a sustainable future in a resource-constrained world

Press Release - 17 Oct 2013

The fourth edition of the Retail Forum for Sustainability’s Annual Event which took place today confirmed retailers’ unwavering commitment to living up to their environmental responsibilities. ...

Launch of The Supply Chain Initiative: Together for good trading practices

Press Release - 16 Sep 2013

Today during a special event held in Brussels, seven EU associations launched ‘The Supply Chain Initiative’ with the aim of ensuring fairness in commercial relations along the food supply chain...

Payments package: Commission proposal on interchange will allow retailers to pass savings on to consumers

Press Release - 24 Jul 2013

The Commission’s payments package is a major step in the right direction, but the removal of the MIF system or much lower caps would bring higher savings to retailers and consumers.


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Franchising in the European Union: ERRT Position

Position Paper - 14 Dec 2016

In 2016, the European Parliament’s Internal Market Committee commissioned a study to map the evolution of franchising regulation in the European Union and conduct a comparative analysis of franch...

ERRT Position Paper on Geo-blocking Regulation

Position Paper - 29 Sep 2016

The European Commission’s proposal COM(2016)289 for a Regulation on addressing geo-blocking and other forms of geo-discrimination is a first step in the right direction. A crucial balance is stru...

ERRT Position Paper on Unfair Trading Practices

Position Paper - 03 Jun 2016

Why EU level legislation is not the right solution to tackling potential problems. Establishing national platforms across all EU Member States is the solution to tackling UTPs.


ERRT Position Paper on Circular Economy

Position Paper - 31 May 2016

How addressing stumbling blocks will allow a greater impact by retailers in the emerging circular economy.


ERRT Position Paper on the EU Single Market

Position Paper - 28 Dec 2015

ERRT welcomes the EU Commission’s ambition to upgrade the Single Market, including its digital dimension, as presented in the new Communication COM (2015 550 and in the Digital Single Market Stra...

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Reducing administrative complexity for Europe’s largest retailers will further strengthen the European Single market, but the European Services e-card is only a small step.

Publication - 23 May 2017

The European Commission’s proposal for a regulation introducing a European services e-card and related administrative facilities is a timely initiative to reduce growing administrative complexity...

Retailer Brands: Serving consumers, SMEs & Innovation

Publication - 01 Apr 2016

Retailer brands have been defined as products or services that either carry the brand of the retailer, or are separate brands that are controlled by the retailer. They can be found on store shelves...

Retail Agreement on Waste

Publication - 10 Dec 2015

With the support of the European Commission, the Retailers’ Environmental Action Programme (REAP) was set up in 2009 by a group of progressive retailers with a simple remit: to improve the enviro...

Oxford Study: Retail & wholesale, key sectors for the European economy

Publication - 23 Apr 2014

Understanding the role of retailing and wholesaling within the European Union


Retailers' Environmental Action Programme Annual Report 2013

Publication - 17 Oct 2013

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REAP members are determined to fulfil the...

Retailers' Environmental Action Programme Annual Report 2012

Publication - 12 Nov 2012

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In March 2009 European retailers decided ...